Simplicity Cafe and Simplicity Restaurant are two separate locations under one owner. Simplicity Cafe located in downtown ogdensburg is closed for the winter. Simplicity restaurant located on state highway 37 next to Stonefence Resort is open year round. Please visit the restaurant page for more details. Fellow the links below.

Visit the restaurant page http://www.facebook.com/simplicityrestaurant or visit http://www.restaurantsimplicity.wordpress.com

Providing simple food, simple enjoyment, and simple comfort. Using local products as much as possible in order to support local growers, producers, and suppliers.

Here at Simplicity Cafe we aim to provide you with dishes you have always found comfort in, some new and interesting dishes maybe you never tried before, with the added enjoyment of being directly on our beautiful Saint Lawrence River. We invite you to share your likes, give us some ideas of dishes you may like to see in the future to come, and be part of the growth of a new business.

The owner, a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America located in Hyde Park, New York, has returned to his local roots where most of his childhood was spent in his father’s restaurant (William Brunet’s The Lakeside) hoping to put his education, experiences, traveling, and skills to use. Knowing home all too well, the challenges in which come to any new/old business, with the intentions of improving the growth of the local community in which he has grown to love. The process will be slow to start, as nothing happens overnight, though eventually working to bring some new and exciting special events, benefits, and activities to be enjoyed by everyone who wishes to join him.